HyperX Savage 8GB 2133MHz DDR3 8GB DDR3 2133MHz memoria Expand

Memoria RAM DDR3 2133MHz 8GB C11 Kingston Hyp

Kingston Technology Kingston Technology



  • Capacità 4GB o 8GB (singolo), da 8GB a 32GB (in kit)
  • Velocità in frequenza 1600MHz, 1866MHz, 2133MHz e 2400MHz
  • Latenza CAS: CL9-CL11
  • Voltaggio 1,5V o 1,65V
  • Compatibilità chipset Intel H67, H97, P67, Z68, Z77, Z87, Z97 e H61; chipset AMD A75, A87, A88, A89, A78 ed E35

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Specifiche Tecniche

Capacità8GB (8GB 1G x 64-Bit)


Frequenza2133 Mhz


Numero Pin240-Pin DIMM

CL(IDD)11 cycles

Row Cycle Time (tRCmin)48.125ns(min.)

Refresh to Active/Refresh Command Time (tRFCmin)260ns(min.)

Row Active Time (tRASmin)35ns(min.)

UL Rating94 V - 0

Temperatura di Operatività0° C to +85° C

Temperatura di Stoccaggio-55° C a +100° C

Caratteristiche• JEDEC standard 1.5V (1.425V ~ 1.575V) Power Supply • VDDQ = 1.5V (1.425V ~ 1.575V) • 800MHz fCK for 1600Mb/sec/pin • 8 independent internal banks • Programmable CAS latency: 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 • Programmable Additive Latency: 0, CL - 2, or CL - 1 clock • 8-bit pre-fetch • Burst Length: 8 (interleave without any limit, sequential with starting address “000” only), 4 with tCCD = 4 which does not allow seamless read or write (either on the fly using A12 or MRS) • Bi-directional Differential Data Strobe • Internal (self) calibration: Internal self calibration through ZQ pin (RZQ: 240 ohm ± 1%) • On Die Termination using ODT pin • Average Refresh Period 7.8us at lower than TCASE 85°C, 3.9us at 85°C < TCASE < 95°Cº • Asynchronous Reset • PCB: Height 1.180” (30.00mm), double sided componen

Parametri XMP•JEDEC: DDR3-1600 CL11-11-11 @1.5V •XMP Profile #1: DDR3-2133 CL11-12-12 @1.6V •XMP Profile #2: DDR3-1600 CL9-9-9 @1.5